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Insomnia is a survival horror FPP game built around detective plot to find a missing lady. The game takes place in desolate mines of the Owl Mountains where a player is challanged with logic puzzles, creepy minions and dark corners of his own mind. The main inspiration for this project was Penumbra series created by Frictional Games.

The main focus when creating Insomnia was put on building horror atmosphere through claustrophobic graphics, unsafe music and complex player-environment interactions. The game incorporates JiglibX physics engine for the latter one which allowed character controlling, stepping down ladders or pushing and throwing objects. Insomnia uses basic AI system to control creatures which reacts correspondingly to players actions. The game contains a lockpicking minigame and dynamic journal system.

I wrote Insomnia in C# using XNA 3.1 framework along with Grzegorz Kocjan and Jakub Stasiak as an university project. It took part in a local competition and was distincted for remarkable atmosphere.